Our Hosts

Group 2

Meet our fabulous hosts! We are so excited with this young team of stars.


Chesa Abma

Chésa Abma – As a a dancer, Chesa is well used to performing in public but her real passion is working with children and young people. For the past year she has worked as an Indigenous Education Assistant at schools on W̱SÁNEĆ territory, working alongside a group of caring and hard working teachers and support workers to provide students with a safe atmosphere congruent with their learning needs. Her job includes supporting students with their school assignments, promoting conversations about students successes and talents, and encouraging cultural awareness and connection amongst Indigenous and non-Indigenous students.

Apart from dancing, her favorite pastime is to go fishing with her family.

She has never worked on camera before, but we are delighted to have her join our team due to her natural charm, ability to connect with people and love of children and young people.



Hayley Lepowick

Hayley Lepowick – Hayley grew up surrounded by animals on her family farm in Sasketchewan. However this was not a regular farm. In her youth she helped raise wolves, and grew up around bison, elk and other wild Canadian species. She is well known for loving all animals with a passion; when the call to auditions for Creature Crazy appeared at the Canadian College of Performing Arts, where Hayley is a student, all the other students immediately knew that this was the perfect job for Hayley. We think they were right!

Although she’s only young, she has held down a variety of jobs, as well as being a student, from receptionist to sales associate to maintenance technician! Hayley is a practical and hard working soul who can turn her hand to anything!

With her warm and fun loving personality, and her natural love of animals and children, we are confident that Hayley will make a great host on Creature Crazy.



Amy Martin

Amy Martin – The youngest member of our host team also has the most theatrical experience! Amy has appeared in over 20 shows and musicals since 2008, and with her singing, piano and dance ability, it’s easy to see why she is so often cast in the lead role. Amy has always loved acting and the theatre (when not performing, she can be found backstage and supporting the production), and hopes to be a professional actress.

Despite her love of performance, Amy has quickly taken to being a host without lines to learn, where she can be her natural sunny and effervescent self, and is looking forward to developing this side of her skill set where she has to rely on her spontaneity and quick thinking.

We are thrilled that this warm and authentic personality will be one of our hosts.




Nick Takeda – Nick is an all around superstar, talented in many areas. He has played for the Saanich Fusion soccer team for 10 years and was voted the most valuable player 3 years in a row. In 2014 he won the provincials with the gold level under 17 team.

In addition to his love of soccer, Nick is a talented musician who plays drums in multiple bands: Mount Doug Jazz Band, Mount Doug Concert Band, Marvin Thiele (psychedelic rock), Cortette (jazz quartet), so is comfortable performing to both a crowd and on camera.

With a love of young people, Nick is enthusiastic to share his passions, and not only coaches and referees soccer for youth players, but is currently undergoing drum teacher training so he can encourage and teach others. Nick will make a fun and talented addition to our team and we are pleased to welcome him to Creature Crazy.